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Today we have seen his answer to peaceful demontrations, peaceful people who want freedom and demokcracy.
His answer is, as usuall, violence, much much violence.

This crazy despot has torture his people for 30 years, he has built up a hard violent policeforce, who torture, beat and murder the people.
And thats because he doesnt want opposition and he want to live in luxury.
And this madman thinks he is a Pharaoh
Allt this buildt  up by Mubarak and his blind follower, who only see for themself, not to the people.

Now today, after Mubaraks speaks yesterday, his blind followers attack on the protesters in Tahrir-square.
This is a plan, create by a madman, to create violence and then say to the people
”See what happends without me”
He dosent undrestand he is the major problem, he living in a crazy dreamworld, and I thing that he has many many Yes yes yes people around him, people who doesnt have the curage to tell him, Step down now.

Obama, show that curage and tell Mubarak to step down NOW, not in September, NOW
If he allows to harass for days or week, we can look towards to a very very violent Egypt, because the opposition will never stop untill that madman step down.

I feel so much fury for this man, for the people around him who dont stop him, for the world leader who doesnt speak up and say resign now.

The military on Tahrir, why didnt they protect the opposition agains this murderer?
Why cant the military remove Mubarak?
if the do, the protesters will go home:

Everybody said, the military has the key, but the dont do anything….or maybe they do!!!!


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Long live the Egyptian people, against the dictatorship
Take what`s yours!!
The world is with you, and we see and support your goal
Down with Mubarak

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Its not very often I write that I hate something or someone.
Last time I do  was in the Gaza-war one years ago, when I said I hate Israel.

I know its wrong to hate, but sometimes the feelings get so strong, and the pain get stronger , so Now Im gonna do it again.

I hate the egyptian president Hosni Mubarak!!!

First I will declaire, so It not be any missundertunding:

Its the president Mubarak I hate, not the egyptian people, for them I have the greatest respect.

President Mubarak is a dictator, and all decision in Egypt is taken by this man, President Hosni Mubarak.

He is Israels most allied against the palestinians in Gaza and now he has take a decision to get the borderline stronger in Rafah by building a wall 30 meter bellow ground.
The plan is to block the tunnels the palestinian build and stop new tunnels between Gaza and Egypt.
This tunnels are the only lifelines for the Gaza-palestinians and they smuggel food and medicin in the tunnels.
Yes they smuggle weapon also, but remeber, Gaza is already full of weapon so most of the smuggel are food, medicine and other goods.

Israel has already block the border to Gaza, and if Egypt do it to, Gaza will be 100% blockade, and the people inside cant bring any food or medicine.

We already know that Israel punishing the palestiniand in Gaza for the Hamas-rule, and Egypt hate Hamas to.

The egyptian people and the palestinians are very close to eatch other, and I know the egypts suffer with their brothers and sisters in Gaza, BUT their president has abandon the palestinian people, because he think he must be a good boy in Tel Aviv and Washington.

I know that the egypt people hate their president, and someday they will kick him away, inshallah إن شاء الل

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