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The Libyan flag, before Khadaffi. Now the liberation flag for the Free Libya.

Benghazi in opposition hands and riots in Tripoli.
Government-buildings on fire and the state-TV in  the hand of oppositions in Tripoli.

The final countdown for the Khadaffi murder-regime is here.

Khadaffi has only two steps to make now, resign and leave Libya or be taken by the demonstaters.
He havnt the curage to be taken, so he will leave Libya.

                                LONG LIVE THE FREE LIBYA


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First Tunisia, then Egypt and soon Libya

Khadaffi is a madman who kill his own people, he will burn in hell.

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This is for the Iranian regime and their butchers, the Basij.

Today I have heard that those madmen  invit their supporters to demonstrate against ”the evil opposition” and ”Shout out their hate and anger against the barbarous crime from the wicked oppositon”

The Public Procecutor warns the leaders of the Green Movement, Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi, that measure should be taken against them.
Yesterday the conservatives in the regime, call for deathpenalty against them.

This iranian regime is brutal, mad, evil and against all humanity, but someday they will crash, and they will crash hard.

We must  pray and hope, for the Iranian people, this changes comes soon and we must pray for them who had been murdered by the regime.
                             SUPPORT THE GREEN MOVEMENT

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I said this two years ago, when the Green Movement demonstrate in Tehran and other cities in Iran, after the fake presidential elections 2009:
One of the bravest  people in the world are the Iranian people.

The regime break down the demonstrations 2009, but they didnt break down the opposition, and yesterday they got out of the streets again and scream Death to Dictator again.

The Iranian people longing for freedom and democracy, and no one, how many Basilj they still have, how many police they still  have, the regime cannot break down the Iranian people.

The Iranian people are brave, honorable and I feel so much admiration for them, their courage.
Every time they get out of the streets, they will be beaten by the Basij and the police.
The regime is a Satan regime and meet the protester with much violence.

But, as I said, the iranian people cannot be stoped, and some day they will be free, some day they will have their rights, and some day this brutal murder regime will be destroyed.

                              SUPPORT THE GREEN MOVEMENT

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God is Great, Death to Dictator

Nightly protests in Tehran, February 12, 2011

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Today, the 14th of February, the iranian opposiotion plan to demonstratet in solidaruty for the egypt people.

The iranian government is affraid, they fear this demonstration will be aganist the iranian government.

Maybe it will be, the iranian govenment is a brutal dictatorship, and the iranian people longing for freedom and democracy.


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Long live the Egyptian people, Long live Misr مصر
The people is dancing on the Tahrir-square
After 18 days they make the dictator to resign.
Im crying and Im so happy for the egypt people and their longing for democracy and freedom.

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